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Federal Revenue Auction: iPhones, cameras and cars starting from R $ 200!

Federal Revenue Auction: iPhones, cameras and cars starting from R $ 200!

On January 30, the IRS will hold an auction for 74 items, including smartphones, cameras and cars. The items were confiscated or abandoned at the Federal Revenue Office in Ribeirão Preto (SP).

Details about classes

The lot 46 includes, for example, an iPhone 11 Pro with 68GB, an iPhone Pro Max with 256GB and a headset, with a minimum bid of R$1,000. The most expensive lot, No. 12, has more than 20,000 mobile phone displays, with a minimum bid of R$250,000.

How to participate in the auction

Bids can be submitted through the online auction system from January 25 until 9pm on January 29. Minimum offers range from R$200 to R$250,000.

The session will begin at nine o'clock in the morning on the 30th of this month, with the proposals classified and arranged. Bids will be invited at 10 a.m. This event is organized by the Federal Revenue Customs of Ribeirão Preto.

Individuals and legal entities can participate, but they must be registered with e-CAC and have a Gold or Silver authentication level on the Gov.br portal.

Step by step to share

  • Access the electronic auction system service through e-CAC (Virtual Customer Service Center);
  • Log in using your gov.br account or access code;
  • After logging in, select the search box “Search for services” and type “auction”;
  • Click “Participate in the Federal Revenue Online Auction.”

To check the items available in the auction, simply click here.

Looking for opportunities

Such auctions can be an excellent opportunity to purchase high-quality products at reasonable prices. However, it is important to remember that goods are sold as is, without warranties, which may involve potential repairs or maintenance.

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It is also worth noting that although bids start with low values, competition between participants can cause them to increase quickly. Therefore, it is important that interested parties set a limit on the amount they are willing to spend and do not exceed this amount during the auction.

Despite these aspects, with a good dose of planning and caution, it is possible to find real bargains at auctions like these at the Federal Revenue Service. Good luck to the participants!