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About 1.8 million taxpayers might know if they’ve fallen into the fine grid;  Know how to consult

About 1.8 million taxpayers might know if they’ve fallen into the fine grid; Know how to consult

About 1.8 million taxpayers can tell if they have fallen into the finer net of income tax. The Internal Revenue Service released the query to the 2021 statement excerpt.

The statement can be checked at Virtual Service Center (e-CAC) of federal revenue. to reach Location, the taxpayer must report the digital certificate (if you have one), or file sign in On the Gov.br portal or enter your CPF / CNPJ number, access code and password.

Those who do not have the access code, or it has expired, need to enter the receipt numbers of the last two ads delivered to revenue and create a new code. First-time registration only needs to provide the receipt number for that year.

Last Monday (31), hours before the deadline to file a 2021 individual income tax return, the supervisor of the income tax program, Jose Carlos Fonseca, said the Internal Revenue Service expects about 1.8 million declarations, from 34,168,166 submitted, It was kept in the fine mesh. According to Fonseca, the total should fall by half and remain at 900,000 until the final payment of refunds, at the end of September, due to the sending of correction data.

Fonseca asserts that self-regulation, in which the taxpayer checks the statement, checks for pending issues and sends a correction statement with correction of erroneous or inaccurate data, has increased year by year. If this is done before the last payment of the refund is paid, the action prevents the taxpayer from receiving a summons from Federal Revenue or an investigation by the tax authorities.

how to check

To verify the statement, the taxpayer must have access to Link “My Income Tax,” on the left side of the screen, on the opening page of e-CAC. Then a timeline appears with the latest delivered announcements. Just check the 2021 announcement to see if the document has fallen into the fine web. Those who have no problems with advertising will see the message “Waiting for a refund”, just waiting for the next batch.

Anyone who has already received a refund will see the “Processed” message. This year, revenue will pay five batches of refunds. The first amount was deposited on the past 31st, and the remaining payments will be made on June 30, July 30, August 31 and September 30.

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