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Ford is already setting up a plant in Argentina to produce the new Ranger

Ford is already setting up a plant in Argentina to produce the new Ranger

Although it has yet to be launched, the A new generation of Ranger Pickup Already awaited with high expectations from the subsidiary stronghold in Argentina. Evidence of this comes from the meticulous preparation that the local division of the Pacheco plant is making to receive the revamped truck from 2023. About US $ 580 million is being invested and many of the unit’s sectors will be modernized.

The first images released by the brand show the excavation work and confirm the arrival of the new robots that will be added to the production line. The main sectors that will be repaired will be assembly, sealing, body work and painting. The business is so important that production of the current Ranger, which will survive until the arrival of the new one, was put on hold for 5 weeks between March and April.

In this period, infrastructure work was carried out to install a new line of high-speed presses, including earthworks, foundations and raising of existing roofs. In the bodywork segment, new state-of-the-art automatic cells have been integrated, and 338 welding and handling robots have been installed – a process that will be completed in mid-2022.

The investment also includes new infrastructure: ceilings, floors, and lighting system, which will include LED technology to reduce energy consumption and contribute to the unit’s sustainability. In addition, about 30% of the US $ 580 million will go to domestic production of auto parts and components.

According to Ford, the Ranger 2023 will be “a truck renowned for its ruggedness, technology and safety”. The Pacheco plant will devote 70% of production to overseas markets, mainly Brazil and other Latin American countries.

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