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Yoffis joins the national campaign "No Cutbacks in Education and Science!"

Yoffis joins the national campaign “No Cutbacks in Education and Science!”

Today, on the day of the fight against the blockade and budget cuts in the fields of education, science, technology and innovation (CT&I), the central administration of Ufes coordinates itself with the main Brazilian educational and scientific associations in the movement No to cutbacks in education and science! He again expresses his strong disagreement with the restrictions imposed by the Federal Government on universities and research institutions. In particular, we express our concern about the effects on the Federal University of Espiritu Santo, which puts it at risk of not having enough resources to pay the basic expenses of its operation until the end of this year.

Initially, on May 27, the federal government announced withholding 14.5% of budget resources for this year, which covers all federal higher education institutions (Ifes) and affects the discretionary budget of the Ministry of Education (MEC) and associated units, including YOVES. The government claimed that it had to impose the blockade to ensure a hypothetical 5% readjustment for public servants and because of the constitutional provision for the spending cap. The amendment has already been repealed, but the restrictions remain.

On June 3, following the actions of the Federal Association of Directors of Institutions of Higher Education (Andifes) and universities in dialogue with state parliamentarians, Congress and ministries, the Ministry of Education announced the reduction of the blockade to 7.2%. However, on June 9, the Ministry of Education and Culture reported that half of the prohibited 7.2%, equivalent to 3.2% of the discretionary budget, will be reallocated to other bodies to pay the mandatory expenses, representing a loss of more than R$220 million. in the budget of federal institutions of higher education. At Ufes, for this reason, more than 4 million Brazilian reals disappeared from the budget. In addition, another 4.4 million Rls were blocked.

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In light of this situation, the parsonage at Ufes re-planned the budget, to ensure that the restrictive measures did not affect student assistance, student scholarships and the operation of university restaurants. However, budget block and suppression of university resources for other purposes have troubling consequences for the implementation of its budget planning and generates uncertainty regarding the availability or unavailability of resources allocated to universities through LOA 2022. Funds are removed and funds withdrawn not returning to the Ufes budget, will be consolidated A deficit of R$ 3.2 million to pay the foundation’s basic expenses.

Therefore, once again, we appeal to parliamentarians and the authorities of the Federal Government to be aware of the difficult situation that the universities have reached, which constitutes another insult to the exercise of the right to education and the imposition of restrictions on scientific and scientific development. Technology is therefore essential to the future of the country and Brazilian society.

Paulo Vargas

Ronnie Bignaton
Vice Chancellor