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Xiaomi 12T bets on good battery life, cameras and bright screen | analysis / review

Xiaomi 12T is another mobile phone from the Chinese manufacturer to fight for the title of best value for money going through the TudoCelular platforms. It has a lot in common with the Pro variant, basically just changing the main processor and camera. But of course, we will also analyze the most powerful model. In the meantime, let’s find out what the 12T has to offer.

The 12T has a design inspired by the Xiaomi 12, and this was to be expected since they are both part of the same family. While China’s top-of-the-line cell phone is more compact, the 12T features a larger body with a more generous screen to satisfy movie and series fans.

Its 6.67-inch screen has an unconventional resolution of 2712 x 1220 pixels. We usually see devices with a Full HD or Quad HD screen, but this device from Xiaomi is between the two and the company calls the CrystalRes display to offer greater clarity without affecting performance or consuming as much battery as the higher resolution. The panel quality is good and offers a good level of brightness, while the high-quality stereo sound ensures a good multimedia experience.

Equipping the Xiaomi 12T we have the Dimensity 8100-Ultra platform, which comes with some tweaks to improve shooting quality with the help of AI. The model we tested has 8GB of RAM, but it still wasn’t able to keep all apps open in the background in our speed test. At least it worked fine in all the games we tested.

Its 5,000mAh battery lasts all day with ease and now recharges faster than before thanks to the new, more powerful 120W charger. The Xiaomi 12T needs less than 30 minutes for its battery to be completely full and it will already have half of the battery to use in just 10 minutes in the socket.

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And do camera-focused hardware improvements really make a difference? At this point we were disappointed, not because the 12T records bad photos, but because it doesn’t have anything special and even falls short of the competition’s cheaper models. Overall, it’s capable of recording decent footage, as long as it doesn’t rely too heavily on HDR.

Is it worth buying Xiaomi 12T? It depends. In Brazil, it has been found at more than R$3,000, which reduces its cost-effectiveness. Being an import, it can be a good buy for the range it offers. Below you can check out all the details of our full review:

Xiaomi 12T is available on Amazon for 3,139 Brazilian reals.

(Updated Feb 23, 2023 at 5:14 PM)