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Unreal Ungine 5 surprises with ultra-realistic graphics!

Have you ever imagined to play a game with extremely realistic graphics? This is one of the main goals of gamers around the world, as well as of game development companies: to make graphics more similar to real life.

A video clip that was posted on Twitter recently went viral, showing graphics similar to reality, which made many believe that it could be a recording made with a camera.

However, according to the user who made the tweet available, it was the use of a technology called Unreal Engine 5, which is essential when developing new graphics in the game production process.

The tool launched in mid-May 2021 and promises to revolutionize the development of new titles.

Unreal Engine: About Video

Only 40 seconds long, the video shows a first-person view, which appears to be walking down an alley, showing streets where some cars are, as well as walls and some shops. However, what most caught the attention of netizens were the reflections and lights that appeared throughout the available video.

The tweet’s caption confirms the following sentence:this is not real. This is produced by Unreal Engine 5“.

See post below:

Doubt remains

Some people who watched the short video doubted the fact that the image was too realistic, so they began to carefully monitor the reflections emitted by the glasses shown throughout the video.

According to them, it is almost impossible for a computer to produce such stunning and realistic graphics, and these can become graphics for games in the future, even if Unreal Engine 5 is used by the developers.

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What we can deduce from all this is that it does not matter whether or not we believe in the authenticity of the video in question, as well as its information. But, Unreal Engine 5 is a powerful tool for games to get more and more graphics prolific, there’s no way to disagree with that.