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Uber updates the app with new features;  See all that has changed

Uber updates the app with new features; See all that has changed

As of Wednesday, the 22nd, several changes have been implemented in UberTransport company application. Among the novelties, there are changes in Planning, Plus new features aimed at those with an iPhone. In this sense, the main novelty is the customization of the application to the user’s habits.

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In practice, when ordering a car, the most popular destinations or destinations that the user has saved will appear as a suggestion in the application. In addition, through artificial intelligence, the Uber app will start sending you recommendations. The focus is on the passenger saving time and money. At least that’s what the company promises.

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For iPhone users, there are two new features in the update package. Now, with the screen locked, it will be possible to see the flight status directly on the screen, without having to unlock the screen. This action is named Live Activities and is part of Apple’s iOS 16 builds, available since September last year.

In the case of the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Dynamic Island, that is, the upper part on the device screen that houses Face IP and the selfie camera, will become interactive with the Uber app. Thus, the progress of the trip will appear on that island, without having to open the app.

Finally, these changes will happen throughout this year. “New updates tailored to users’ needs will be announced to make it easier to go anywhere and order anything with Uber,” the company said in a statement.

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In short, to access the news, you need to update the application, as well as the operating system of the smartphone.