Behind Christopher’s film Nolan Tenet, it became the most lucrative movie of epidemics.

Godzilla Versus Godzilla Versus debuted in North American cinemas with the best opening weekend earnings of epidemics. The monster movie Kong a week. Behind Christopher’s film Nolan Tennett, the film has now become one of the most lucrative movies of epidemics. The Hollywood Reporter.

Against a Godzilla. Kong has sold over 60 million tickets to American cinemas so far, and Nolan’s film has sold for $ 58.4 million. These are absurdly low numbers compared to pre-epidemic ticket revenue, but in the current era, 60 million was already enough to win.

Against a Godzilla. Kong is the first film to be shown in American theaters since it was able to open despite some restrictions on theaters in Los Angeles and New York.

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