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Schedule – Overseas – Vaccine Side Effects: More than 3,000 cases are being studied in Slovakia

In Slovakia, as of April 9, the State Drug Control Agency (ŠÚKL) had received 3050 reports of side effects related to corona virus vaccines. Of these, 134 cases are considered serious.

The most common side effects include persistent high blood pressure, thrombosis, allergic reactions, intermittent stroke or short-term loss of consciousness.

Their appearance and severity depend on the person’s health, age, medications taken, immunity, but in some cases even the person’s mental orientation, according to the ŠÚKL report.

In Slovakia, the circumstances of the death of an elderly woman who was vaccinated with Moderna are being investigated.

As of Friday, more than 811,000 people had received the first dose of the corona virus vaccine, while 246,000 had already received the second dose – Author From Ujszo.com.

The death of the infected person and 31 more serious cases are said to have been linked to the corona virus vaccine.

Prime Minister Edward Hecker on RTVS’s Saturday political show he said: The epidemic situation in Slovakia continues to improve, with relief expected after April 19.

Among other things, the opening of high schools and the opening of shops may be considered.

On Wednesday, the Epidemiological Council meeting, they will decide. According to the Prime Minister, the application for vaccination for those over 80 years of age should be re-evaluated because there is less interest in vaccines among those ages.