Members of the Foreign Parliament of the German parliament have written a letter to Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition politician who has been serving a prison sentence since February, with German news agency Der Spiegel writing on Saturday that Russian officials are treating him as “targeted torture” in violation of international law. Citing press information.

The eleven delegates who signed the letter affirmed Navalny’s solidarity and promised to monitor his situation. At the same time, they demanded that the competent body of the Council of Europe investigate the case of the Russian opposition.

The health condition of a Russian opposition politician in prison number 2 in Vladimir County Pokro in recent weeks His lawyer said it had gotten much worse. Navalny first for back and leg pain, then He complained of cough and feverAnd lost a lot. On March 31, he went on a hunger strike, demanding that the doctor allow him to comply with the law.

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Alexei Navalny He was detained on January 17 In Moscow, when he returned home from Berlin, he was hospitalized and rehabilitated after drinking poison in Russia in August, according to the consensus of several Western laboratories.

On February 2, a Moscow court overturned Yves Rocher’s earlier suspended sentence. According to the verdict, Navalny will have to spend two and a half years out of the three and a half years imposed on him, taking into account the time he previously spent under house arrest.

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