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Climate change is changing the taste of many foods

Climate change is changing the taste of many foods

The consequences of climate change are not yet fully known, and scientists have made new discoveries about the issue over the years. One of the latest reports suggests that global warming could change the flavor of some foods.

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High temperatures cause many effects

The researchers explain that as the average global temperature rises, some species become able to reproduce, while others face greater difficulties. Grapes, for example, face negative effects. Therefore, wine producers in Europe are changing the location of its cultivation to regions further north on the continent.

The same situation happens with strawberries. At higher temperatures, the flavor of the fruit changes as it ripens.

Studies show that the combination of hot days and milder nights had an effect on strawberries growing sweeter. The researchers also discovered that high temperatures when strawberries were close to maturity harmed fruit growth.

Strawberry development affected by climate change (Image: GCapture/Shutterstock)

Change in the nutritional value of food

  • Climate change also affects food in other ways.
  • For example, wheat suffered from a decrease in the concentration of starch, which is considered a source of energy, at high temperatures.
  • In apples, it was observed that the flowering of some varieties was short, which led to their growth stopping before they matured.
  • Scientists warn that this may cause food shortages in the future.
  • The researchers’ conclusions were described in an article published in the journal agricultural engineering.

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