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Wordle, which we know as Term, gets unlimited "version"

Wordle, which we know as Term, gets unlimited “version”

Many people have recently discovered a game called Termo, which is available on absolutely every device that has an internet browser, be it ComputersAnd Tablets where cell phone (No download required). For each passing day, users have to discover a particular five-letter word.

In the style of the Grand Executioner, we have the right to suggest the letters that make up this word, but only by five-letter words: so if you want to know which letters are in the secret word, you need to type another five-letter word and get tips.

Termo is the Portuguese version of the Wordle game, which works exactly the same way, but with English words. Even if you want to train vocabulary in another language, maybe this is a simple and fun way.

as posted by computer gamesWordle, the game that originated from Termo, now has a version called Wheeldle, where there is no limit to one word per day. You can guess as many words as you want in sequence, increasing the difficulty with each time.

Wordle text term.

At the moment, there is no Brazilian equivalent to this (or, at least, there is none that I, the author of this article, know). However, it may be a matter of time before something similar appears here. Although in this unlimited format, any online crossword simulator will have a similar effect.

The term can be accessed through the site termYou don’t need to download an app or anything like that. As we said at the beginning of the article, the current version of Termo comes with one word a day, so don’t think you’ll be playing for hours without stopping. It is just a great exercise for the brain.

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