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Discover 4 ways to read WhatsApp messages without being detected

Some simple and practical tricks allow the user to be invisible in the app and thus have more privacy.

many users The WhatsApp It still gets annoyed when your notification pops up. Status Online to other contacts. In a way, the message sends “reports” to third parties every time a person enters the application, which leads to a certain limitation in the privacy issue.

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An educational tool has not yet been officially released. How to stay invisible on WhatsApp. However, some Messenger using tricks perform this role. Meet some of them below!

4 tips to access WhatsApp without anyone knowing

  1. Activate Airplane Mode: By activating this tool, you can read and reply to messages from other contacts without being seen by unwanted people. This happens because the connection is interrupted. Once resumed, written messages are sent.
  2. Read confirmation: In practice, this advice can Hide online status from another contact. However, the functionality prevents third parties from knowing if you have read messages sent by them. Remember that when this function is activated, the user also cannot detect the moment when someone has read what they have sent.
  3. Notices: WhatsApp usually notifies the user that a message has been received. From this notification, he can read and respond to any contact without having to enter the platform, avoiding the Internet. Everything is done on the home screen of the device.
  4. The widget does Android: Android devices have a notification-like function called a widget. The messages received by this system appear in the form of pop-ups, which allow the user to reply to a message without having to open WhatsApp.
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