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Women in the abandoned home have an impressive audience.  a look

Women in the abandoned home have an impressive audience. a look

On the air for a little over a month, it was audio notation of the paper “The Woman in the Abandoned House”Already presented and written by Chico Feletti He sets unprecedented records and expressive audience numbers In the field of Brazilian audio broadcasting. presence of The last episode was released on Wednesday (20).the series has 7 episodes Which, in total, already accumulate more than 6 million downloads on major broadcasting platforms. The numbers also indicate that the first four episodes, each one, are already past 1 million downloads.

In the spotifyThe world’s most widely used audio streaming service, Podcast “The Woman in the Abandoned House” she has It has been the most listened to podcasts in the world since the beginning of June, when it was released. The following positions were also occupied by the episodes of the show, which alternate daily. on the podium Apple PodcastsApple’s audio streaming service “The Woman in the Abandoned House” He is also on the list “The Most Important Episodes”.

The woman in the abandoned house. audio notation; court session

The The series aired on June 8 And I came out on the initiative of journalist Chico Feletti to investigate the history of Margarida Bonettiafter I got interested in an uninhabited mansion in disrepair in the Higienópolis neighborhood, an upscale area of ​​São Paulo. Margarida Bonetti Accused of keeping a domestic worker in slavery-like conditions for 20 years in the United States from which she fled.

In the spotify, The series’ main platform for promotion, the podcast is rated 5 stars, based on the ratings of more than 115 thousand listeners. The index has already set a sector record in Brazil, although the series has also had international repercussions; “The Woman from the Abandoned House” was also ranked in the top five listened to podcasts in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.

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Podcast “The Woman in the Abandoned House”

Series “The Woman in the Abandoned House” Also available at YouTube. On the platform, it’s already adding episodes 300 thousand views. The popularization of the podcast also brought 3,600 new subscribers to TV Folha. On Monday evening, at 6 p.m., Chico Felitti will participate in a live broadcast, where he should comment on the story’s circulation and its outcome.

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