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TikTok is the UK's fastest growing news source

TikTok is the UK’s fastest growing news source

Reading or listening to the news has always been essential in daily life, especially when we have serious and reliable sources. For a few years now, the internet has been populated by organizations that want to quit fake news, that is, the false news that has plagued Brazil and the world. In a recent survey in United kingdomit was indicated that approximately 10% of adults use tik tok As a source of news, a number that has been increasing over the years.

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According to the government’s regulatory method Ofcomfrom the UK itself, 7% of adults In the territory, use the social network of short videos as a source of information and news. This number can be considered high, when compared to the 1% calculated in 2020.

Reproduction: Niemann Laboratory

Ofcom’s survey is a collection of information about the consumption habits of Brits, which ended up pointing to this growth. The huge presence of TikTok in the online world shows how the app is quickly becoming not just another social network for entertainment, but also a source of information.

Provided data

Another example in United Statewhich also conducted a similar consumer survey, which showed an estimated 40% of people who are part of Generation Z Those born between 1997 and 2012 not only use TikTok but also Instagram as a source of information and news. Even these social networks were preferred over other media that were used more than before, such as Google Maps And the search itself The Google.

Tiktok is the UK's fastest growing news source
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Despite this significant increase in the UK, tik tok It remains the sixth most used source of information among 16-24-year-olds 27% from this part. Among other means to stay informed, the survey also provided the following data linking the information broker to its UK usage:

  • 46% – Instagram;
  • 40% – Facebook;
  • 36% – BBC One (TV channel) ;
  • 35% – Twitter;
  • 29% – app or website BBC.
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Among adolescents aged 12-15, the source of information through social networks is greater. In this group, the most used network belongs to Instagramwith 29% of use by young people, followed by a tie between them Youtube And the tik tokby 28%. These metrics are second to two other research sources in this age group: Information from Relatives and gives Televisionrepresenting 65% and 59%, respectively.

Today’s teens are increasingly less likely to pick up a newspaper or catch up on TV, preferring to keep up with the latest by scrolling through their social feeds. And while young people find social media news less trustworthy, they rate these services more highly for providing a variety of opinions on current stories for the day.

Yih-Chouung Teh, Ofcom Group Director of Strategy and Research in a press release

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