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Ex BBB Franciele Talks About Breaking Up With Diego Grossi And Reveals A Long Standing

Ex BBB Franciele Talks About Breaking Up With Diego Grossi And Reveals A Long Standing

On Wednesday (20/7), Franciel Grossi and Diego Grossi announced the end of their relationship after nine years. They’ve been together since they met at BBB 14, participated in the 2018 season of Power Couple and had a son, Enrico, who is one year and ten months old. Fran spoke exclusively with LeoDias columnist and said the crisis in the relationship had been coming for some time.

When announcing the split, she mentioned “a buildup of things” as the reason for the split. Can you talk more about that, about the topics that have been driving the controversies?

“It was really a buildup. We’ve already talked about it, and we’ve been in a crisis for about a year. We’ve been having a disagreement and always trying for our relationship, our family and our son, but there are situations where we mature and see that suddenly the investment isn’t going to change much and that’s not where we want to stay more .


For the sake of our emotional health, it is best for everyone to go their own way. I no longer see myself performing alongside him, because he dreams a lot of his dreams, you know? So, we had a lot of disagreement because everyone wanted to do something. For example, he wants to travel somewhere and I have other priorities, I want to do something and he doesn’t think it’s cool, and then these little struggles started and we no longer understand each other.”

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Even though you mentioned that the feuds have been going on for a while, was it the decision to end it now or did you decide to announce it publicly?

“We’d talk a lot and have as much dialogue as we could…in situations where we’d actually decided to end we’d go two or three days without talking, but we’d decide we’d try again and kind of repeat it himself, you know? I was living in a loop of things that I’m not happy with it anymore. I think I’m still too young. We have a wonderful son who needs us to be okay, especially psychologically, and I think this has been holding up my life in general, emotionally and professionally, I’m no longer able to organize myself. So, I went back to therapy to try Saving as much of my self-esteem as possible to put an end to the relationship. Now, I thought it was the moment, I feel stronger. I know I’m going to struggle a little bit at first, I haven’t stopped liking him yet, but we have to think about ourselves first, to recover, and then to make someone happy. What “.

Can you tell us when the relationship crisis actually became more apparent?

“It comes from other situations… We’ve tried everything, even couples therapy. We got pregnant and our relationship changed a lot really, from water to wine, I can’t deny it, Enrico is here to prove that everything we invested was worth it, he’s Our greatest treasure. But right now, I want to look more at myself, at my future, at my dreams, rather than investing in a relationship that I see no change.”

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When Diego spoke, he said he was going on a trip to get his head fixed. Are you also planning something like this?

“The fact that he commented that he was going to travel, I think he meant it would be really cool to be able to relax and not focus on this and be fine. He really organized himself for this trip and it was a trip that didn’t have a specific problem, but we didn’t have that priority As a couple, however, he set foot and said he’s going. So that was one of the reasons too. It’s been such situations that have happened, and that’s been enough for me. I’m not in the mood to prolong live the same things every month ends and comes back and then tries once and the same thing always happens.”

You mentioned that you would take this moment to invest in your dreams. What are the career plans for 2022?

“First, take care of my son and my life. I intend to invest in my career, take care of my emotional health and my body. Save my dreams and projects that have been in the box for a long time. I have an influencer marketing agency I plan to cover more, as well as other projects, as a channel I plan to create soon. I will also be doing some operations The surgery I was already planning… I want to look good, I want to look good and I’ll do it then. I think we should take care of ourselves, love each other, respect and protect ourselves as much as possible. And that’s it. Ball forward, new life” .

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