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With the coffin chosen, a woman wakes up in a coma on the day the devices will be turned off

Published on 11/23/2020 03:20 PM

(Credit: Reproduction/Facebook)

Bettina Lerman, 69, who had been in a coma for more than a month due to COVID-19 at a hospital in Portland, USA, woke up on October 29, when her family decided that orthodontics could be stopped. Information from the Washington Post.

The woman’s condition worsened because she had diabetes and had recently undergone surgery to implant a quadruple pacemaker. Doctors said her lungs were “totally destroyed” by the disease and she was intubated from the start of her stay.

The victim’s family made the decision to dismiss after doctors made it clear that Bettina had no chance of survival. According to Andrew Lerman, they said she would never wake up. On the day of his CPR withdrawal, he got a call from a doctor at Maine Medical Center. “Okay, I want you to come here right away,” he said. I said, “Okay, what’s wrong?” Lerman said. ‘ He said, ‘Well, it’s okay. Your mom woke up,” Andrew continued.

The children even planned the funeral, even going so far as to choose the coffin, the stone, and the clothes in which it would be buried, so that the mother could have the best ceremony possible.

The woman is still in the hospital and with the help of a respirator, she has already left the ICU ward, the next step is to start rehabilitation therapy. The “medical miracle” as the specialists call it.

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