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With a rare heart disease, Cazarré's daughter reaches 11 consecutive weeks in the intensive care unit

With a rare heart disease, Cazarré’s daughter reaches 11 consecutive weeks in the intensive care unit

Leticia CazariActor’s wife Giuliano CazzariShe returned to social networks to update the health status of her youngest daughter, Maria Gilhermina. diagnosed with Ebstein anomalya rare cardiovascular disease, the heiress was hospitalized in the intensive care unit of a hospital in São Paulo for 11 consecutive weeks.

Through her Instagram stories, Leticia commented on her daughter’s hospitalization. The youngest of them was born on June 21. Since then, he’s been commuting back and forth in the hospital’s intensive care unit. Altogether, there are already 15 weeks in the unit.

“Today we completed 11 weeks in a row in the ICU. It’s been over a month in the ICU, so it’s been 15 weeks here… (two more weeks in the room before first discharge, a total of 17 weeks in the hospital),” he wrote. journalist.

Leticia Cazari holds her daughter, Maria Gilhermina, in her lap

Last Thursday (20), Maria Gilhermina underwent a tracheostomy, an operation that facilitates air access to the lungs. The day before the operation, Leticia and Kazari He praised the power of the youngest. “I’m sure he will win, as he has done until today,” the pair chanted.

The Cazarré family lives in Rio de Janeiro. However, to accompany Maria Gilhermina’s treatment, Leticia temporarily left home and moved to São Paulo. In addition to her, the couple has four more heirs.

Last week, the journalist praised her daughter’s strength in fighting Epstein’s anomaly. “I can say, without fear of exaggeration, that you have a heart so beloved in Brazil,” the mother wrote.

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“How many people pray every day asking God for their lives,” said Letizia. “It’s great to see so many people up close looking at heaven because of you! The true company of saints is moving for you and for you. A little girl in God’s eyes,” said a patient friend here in the ICU.