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Is the PIS/Pasep allowance payment schedule available?

Will workers’ PIS/Pasep allowance be paid double from February?

Since last year, with the 2020 PIS/Pasep basic year salary allowance payments being deferred, an expectation has arisen that the entitlement will be paid on a cumulative basis in 2022.

In the case of the allowance due for this year, it was due to the postponement of the payment of the base year allowance 2020, as well as the release of the allowance for the base year 2021, which was also scheduled to be paid in 2022.

The allowance will not be paid cumulatively

Despite hostility on the part of workers, the government has already made it clear that this year we will only have PIS/Pasep payments for the base year 2020 for workers.

Therefore, workers who have exercised a formal contract for at least 30 days in 2021 will not be able to access the feature until 2023.

Who will have access to PIS / Pasep this year

To ensure access to the PIS/Pasep Allowance, it is necessary that you have worked for at least 30 days with an official contract, in addition to meeting the following requirements:

  • Be registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years in the base year;
  • have earned a maximum amount of minimum wage in 2020;
  • In addition, the company must have correctly sent the workers data in the RAIS (Annual Social Information Report).

To make a RAIS consultation, the process is simple, just access the portal ra.gov.br And enter your PIS / PASEP registration number (numbers only).

Payment calendar 2022


  • Born in January: received February 8;
  • Born in February: received February 10;
  • Born in March: received February 15th;
  • Born in April: received February 17;
  • Born in May: received February 22;
  • Born in June: received February 24;
  • Born in July: received March 15th;
  • Born in August: received March 17;
  • Born in September: received March 22;
  • Born in October: received March 24;
  • Born in November: received March 29;
  • Born in December: Receive March 31.
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  • Final registration number 0 and 1: received February 15th;
  • Final registration number 2 and 3: received February 17;
  • Final registration number 4: received February 22;
  • Final registration number 5: received February 24;
  • Final registration number 6: received March 15th;
  • Final registration number 7: received March 17;
  • Final registration number 8: received March 22;
  • Final registration number 9: received March 24.

What value will I get

The amount payable is proportional to the number of months worked in 2020. Those who worked throughout the year will receive the current minimum wage (1,212 R$), while those who have worked less time will receive proportionately, check:

  • If you work for a month, you will get: 101 Brazilian Real;
  • From working two months he will get: 202 Brazilian Real;
  • From working 3 months will get: Rls 303;
  • From working 4 months he will get: R$404
  • From working 5 months will get: R$505;
  • From working 6 months will get: 606 Brazilian Real;
  • From working 7 months will get: 707 Brazilian Real;
  • From working 8 months will get: 808 Brazilian Real;
  • From working 9 months will get: R$ 909;
  • From working 10 months will get: 1.010 Brazilian Real;
  • From working 11 months will get: 1,111 Brazilian Real;
  • From working 12 months will get: 1.212 Brazilian Real.