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Car color changes at the touch of a button;  See how it is on the video |  innovation

Car color changes at the touch of a button; See how it is on the video | innovation

Among the many gadgets, one of the attractions is CES 2022, a technology that allows cars to change their color almost instantly. The novelty was presented on Wednesday (5) by the manufacturer BMW in Las Vegas.

The company used digitization to change the exterior color of cars. Dubbed the E Ink, it debuted in a concept version of the BMW iX.

black or white? Change the color of a BMW at the touch of a button – Photo: BMW

To make changes in tone, the surface of the model contains millions of microcapsules, the diameter of which is equivalent to the thickness of a human hair. All of them have white and black pigments.

The BMW color-changing car was unveiled at CES 2022 in Las Vegas – Photo: BMW

With just one touch of a button, which releases an electric field, you can choose which color will remain on the surface.

This is because white pigments are negatively charged, and black pigments are positively charged. Thus, there is a way to manage the type of color being marked.

Currently, customization is only available in these two shades. According to the company, alternate colors can affect the efficiency of the car.

A darker surface can absorb more heat, while a lighter surface will reflect sunlight more effectively. There are no plans yet for this type of technology to be available to the consumer in the near future.

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