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Caixa Tem app issued a loan to a new group

Caixa Tem app issued a loan to a new group

After the emergency assistance ended, many people continued to use the Caixa Tem mobile app due to the various functions in the software, including loans.

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In this way, the credit function has gradually become available since the end of 2021, and recently the Caixa Tem app issued a loan to a new group, those born in November and December, continue reading this article and see how it works!

Loan up to R$1,000 from Caixa Tem for the new group

The Caixa Tem loan was issued on November 8 to people who had a birthday until the middle of the year, i.e. from January to June, other dates were gradually released.

A few days ago, Caixa Tim made the credit available to those they had lost: those born in November and December. Now everyone can apply for the loan granted by Caixa Econômica Federal through the official application of the bank, 100% online.

Credit can be personal or product. The Caixa Tem Personal Loan is for informal workers. Caixa Tem Productivo is for companies that need to invest in their business.

But be aware, to apply for credit, you need to update the Caixa Tem in the cell phone application store and update your personal data 0. For this, you must confirm the data of address, occupation and income, as well as submit a personal photo and identification document. Thus, your application is subject to an analysis that can last up to 10 days.

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Loan limit, installments and interest rates

The loan amount ranges from R$300.00 to R$1000.00. You can pay in 24 installments at an interest rate of 3.99% per month.

Caixa Economica reported that it calculates the loan amount based on user registration data and financial history. Then the customer needs to evaluate the credit as a whole, its value and installments.

If you need a credit above the deposit amount, go to the SPC and Serasa website and check your Individual Taxpayer Filing (CPF) score and whether there are any financial debts in your name.