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Why is there only one Pokemon that doesn't have any weaknesses?

Why is there only one Pokemon that doesn't have any weaknesses?

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Pokemon They are known for their special powers, always linked to some element, known as a type. This feature determines the weaknesses or resistances a creature will have to a given hit. However, there is only one Pokemon and its evolutions that do not have any weaknesses: Tinamo.

It was presented in Pokemon black and whiteTynamo is an Electric-type Pokemon whose only weakness is Ground attacks. However, its special ability, Flight, negates the damage taken by any hit from this item, making this little monster immune to the damage of its only weakness. and their advanced forms Electric that it ElectrosIt also maintains this immunity.

Fortunately, there are ways to negate the effect of his ability, making Tinamu suffer a lot from ground attacks again. Skills like Mold destroyer Or tricks like gravity Temporarily negating the little monster's invulnerability long enough to launch a counterattack.

Previously, Pokémon with a type group nasty that it ghost He also did not show any weakness, as was the case with Sable that it Spiritomb. However, with the introduction of this type fairy in Pokemon XYThis is no longer the case.

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