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What is the secret of longevity?

What is the secret of longevity?

Life expectancy is one of the most important indicators Quality of life and the social well-being of the population.

Globally, average life expectancy is 71 years. This number has decreased since 2019, especially due to the pandemic.

Looking at the continent, Europe, specifically the European Union, has the highest life expectancy, with an average of 80 years.

There are several factors that contribute to longevity, such as the quality of the health care system, LifestyleEducation and economic stability.

According to the World Bank, the countries and territories with the highest life expectancy are mainly located in Asia and Europe, reflecting advanced healthcare systems and healthy lifestyles.

Longevity squad: 7 countries where people live longer than others

7. Spain (83 years old)

Spain is known for its Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, fish and fruit, with which it is often associated longevity.

In addition to food, Spain benefits from an accessible, high-quality healthcare system, which contributes to one of the highest life expectancies in Europe.

6. Australia (83 years old)

Australia stands out for its commitment to this Public Health Promoting active lifestyles.

Broad nature and wellness policies play a key role in ensuring Australians live long and healthy lives.

The broad nature and welfare policies place Australia in sixth place in the rankings. Image: reproduction

5. Singapore (83 years old)

This small Asian country combines an exceptionally efficient healthcare system with a meticulously planned urban system that reduces environmental risks and increases life expectancy.

4. South Korea (84 years old)

South Korea has seen a significant increase in life expectancy in recent decades thanks to its progress Health system Follow a balanced diet that includes plenty of vegetables and fermented products.

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3. Switzerland (84 years old)

In Switzerland, a high standard of living, a good healthcare system, and a strong emphasis on a balanced diet and regular physical activity are the cornerstones of the population’s longevity.

2. Liechtenstein (84 years old)

The small emirate offers an excellent healthcare system and a high quality of life, with a clean environment and public policies that promote healthy lifestyles among its citizens.

1. Japan (84 years old)

Japan remains a world leader in life expectancy, an achievement that many attribute to the Japanese diet rich in fish, rice, vegetables, and soybeans, and its affordable health care system.

Furthermore, cultural respect for the elderly contributes to supportive policies Healthy aging.

Japanese culture, as well as its dietary habits, are key to reaching a life expectancy of 84 years – Image: Reproduction

In addition to these countries, it is important to highlight the territories of Hong Kong and Macau, which also appear in the lists World Bank With an exceptionally high life expectancy, reflecting efficient health systems and beneficial lifestyles.

These two regions, both located in China, have the highest life expectancy in the world, at 85 years.

Therefore, based on the pattern observed in all these regions, it is not wrong to say that the secret of longevity includes economic, social and natural factors in these places. After all, these places contribute to increasing life expectancy.

The other side of the coin: countries with lower expectations

In contrast to the countries mentioned, life expectancy in regions such as Chad, Nigeria and Lesotho is around 53 years, demonstrating the impact of health systems. health Lack of resources, economic instability and social problems.

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These disparities highlight the importance of effective policies and focused investments in health and education to improve life expectancy globally.

*With information from World Bank, US News that it euronews.