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When will the FGTS 2021 emergency draw be released?  Understand  Rede Jornal Contábil

When will the FGTS 2021 emergency draw be released? Understand Rede Jornal Contábil

In light of the current moment of instability in the country, due to the epidemic, Brazilian workers are waiting a lot for the release of the emergency withdrawal from the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) in 2021. The measure was implemented last year, and it managed to affect the lives of about 60 million workers.

The emergency withdrawal was made in 2020 in a way that allows the worker to access the available balance in the escrow fund account, whether it is active or inactive. In this way it was possible to withdraw an amount up to one minimum wage depending on the month of birth of the worker.

In this sense, the measure ended on December 31, 2020, given that the withdrawal was of an extraordinary nature that the state permitted in a public disaster.

Emergency looting in 2021

As stated in the contingency plan issued at the end of last year, the government has shown an interest in adopting the measure for 2021. Therefore, Brazilian workers were highly expected to release the emergency withdrawal this year.

However, with the development of the covid-19 pandemic, the adoption of other emergency measures, such as aid, BEm and Salary Thirteenth, became imperative.

As a result, the action that would have already been available in January this year ended with a loss of limelight, so that there has been little political movement since the end of 2020 here, regarding the release of the FGTS emergency loot.

Moreover, according to the FGTS Board of Trustees, the measure could jeopardize the sustainability of the fund, bearing in mind that withdrawing amounts in 2020 and reducing deposits, has already hurt the guarantee fund this year. Therefore, this is another factor that makes the metric in 2021 useless.

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Faced with these justifications, there are still no forecasts for this year. Therefore, it can be concluded that the issuance of the new round of emergency withdrawal should end up shelving in 2021.

Content by Lucas Machado