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Pretti Laboratories and Bioclinic were acquired for 315 million Brazilian Real

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Grupo Fleury announced on Tuesday (1) the purchase of 100% of Pretti Laboratories and Bioclinico, both located in Holy Spirit. The deal represents the entry of the medical diagnostics company into the country.

According to information from Reuters, posted on the UOL portal, Fleury paid R$193.1 million to Laboratório Pretti, while paying another R$122 million to acquire Bioclinico, totaling just over R$315 million.

“With these acquisitions, the company has surpassed the level of one billion riyals invested in acquisitions in the past five years – acquiring 12 companies that collectively add up to 125 service units and more than 500 million riyals in annual revenue.”, Florey stated in a related fact.

Also according to the document, Bioclinico’s total revenue in 2020 was R$42 million, while Pretti’s total revenue was R$53.6 million.

Laboratorio Preti works in clinical analysis with 25 service units in the greater Vitoria metropolitan area, as a reference in her field of expertise. He has over 55 years of experience, impeccable reputation and respect from the medical community and his clients.

Bioclinico is a traditional clinical analysis laboratory operating in the metropolitan area of ​​Greater Vitoria with 15 service units. It has a consolidated track of 33 years and a high reputation with the medical community and its clients.

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