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WhatsApp releases "Zoom-like" links for voice or video calls;  know |  apps

WhatsApp releases “Zoom-like” links for voice or video calls; know | apps

a The WhatsApp It now has “Contact Links”, a new feature announced on Monday (26th) by the CEO GoalMark Zuckerberg. Unprecedented functionality allows you to create incoming links for audio and video calls, and it will be released for mobile phones Android And the Iphone (iOS) as of this week. To create the invitation, users must access the tool through the Calls tab of the messenger. The option is intended to facilitate investigation and participation in calls, and is already used on other platforms, such as Google is dead And the Zoom. See below to learn all about the new job.

A link to a video or audio call can be created to share on networks – Photo: Helito Beggiora / TechTudo

Before the gadget arrived, the communication process took place directly in the chat, by opening the conversation with the desired person and then touching the phone or camera icon. In the case of group chats, it was necessary to select the contacts one by one through the Calls tab, or start the call within the chat, so that each participant could choose to join or not.

Now, with the new tool, you will just need to create a link for the call and then share it with the WhatsApp users you want to invite to the meeting. However, it should be noted that to access the functionality it is necessary to update the application through Google Play Store And the App Store. Learn how to update to the latest version of messenger.

In addition, it has not yet been revealed what happens when the link is sent to people who do not have the Meta messaging app.

The feature was already spotted by the WABetaInfo portal in February 2022 and now it’s finally coming to the messaging app. – Photo: clone / WABetaInfo

Another novelty that WhatsApp mentioned is that it will start testing encrypted video calls for groups of up to 32 people. But the apostle did not give any expectation of the arrival of this possibility. So, in the meantime, only eight people can actively participate in the video conference.

However, it should be noted that this test may be indicative “Communities” function, released by the company in April, may be in progress. The feature provides the ability to add subgroups to a large main group, which will be useful for businesses and organizations – such as schools and clubs. But, it is worth remembering that in Brazil it should be issued only after the 2022 elections.

With information from WhatsApp, WABetaInfo

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