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Wajngarten asked to buy back Rolex in the US, Wassef tells PF

Wajngarten asked to buy back Rolex in the US, Wassef tells PF

The lawyer emphasized that he bought the Rolex with his own money, in cash.

A person identified by the former secretary, still in the United States, allegedly gave Wassef a watch to bring to Brazil.

Fabio Wajngarten said on social media that “whoever lies will be prosecuted”. “I am grateful for the efficient investigation by the Federal Police, which for obvious reasons already determines that a lie has a short leg. The PF has ZAPs of all those involved and they know who did what, especially who did it. What not to do. Prosecute the liar. To be continued. Out of respect for others being investigated, I will not touch the subject further,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

However, the PF assessed that there were inconsistencies between Wasseb’s testimony and the evidence gathered at the trial. – Documents received from the United States indicating Lt. Col. Mauro’s participation in the Cid operation, etc. PF is currently examining WhatsApp’s cell phone contents.

The attorney did not name the former communications secretary in an interview with the press in August. “I’m not going to talk [para quem entregou o relógio], I cannot speak. “It was not Jair Bolsonaro who requested it, it was not Colonel Sid,” he said at the time.

Last week, it was revealed that the PF had obtained documents from the FBI showing the relationship between Wassef and Mauro Cesar Lorena Cid. Former aide-de-camp Mauro Cid’s father, in the repurchase case. Lorena would have asked Sid to buy the watch back.

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