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Climate protection IOC awards Winter Olympics to USA and France

Climate protection IOC awards Winter Olympics to USA and France

Now, Salt Lake in the state of Utah and Sapporo in Japan must win a process that was vacated after the exit due to corruption — in this case, related to Tokyo 2020 sponsorship deals. The North Americans have pledged to use a large portion of the infrastructure built for the 2022 Games.

In the French competition, the advice suggests that the urban competitions (hockey, skating and curling) will be held in the coastal city of Nice, while the mountain competitions will be held near the border with Italy, in Bozal, La Blagne, Meribel. Montgenèvre, Braiçon and, in particular, Serre Chevalier.

It has also been decided that Switzerland will hold “concessional dialogue” with the IOC to host the 2038 Winter Games, 15 years later. Other nominations submitted from Sweden in Stockholm are not considered suitable at this time and are currently rejected.

The IOC said in a statement that by creating these three signs in locations with “reliable” climates, “based on the preliminary results, it gains security and time to reflect on the long-term future of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.” Climate Change Impact Studies”.

The study shows that only 15 countries have the ice facilities needed for the Winter Olympics, but in five of those countries there is no guarantee that there will always be snow in 2040, when the Paralympics are usually held in March. Two of them aren’t guaranteed snow in February for the Olympics. Due to the tight winter sports calendar, there is no flexibility to bring competitions forward.

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With the French Alps confirmed as the host of the 2030 Winter Games, France will host two Olympics six years apart, with Paris and Los Angeles next summer respectively, and the same for the US. . Also, the IOC will create two Olympics The Winter Games in the Alps follow – in 2026, the competition will be the Milan/Cortina doubles d’AmpezzoIn Italy.