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Villa analyzes the US presidential candidates

Villa analyzes the US presidential candidates

This Tuesday (5) marks the most important date of the pre-election period to us. invited”Super Tuesday”, voting day takes place in 15 states to determine who will be the candidates for the presidential election. Favorites Joe BidenThe present President, and Donald TrumpHe ruled the country between 2017 and 2021.

Historian Marco Antonio Villa was inside Culture magazine Last Monday (4) and analyzed a possible fight in the presidential election. According to Villa, the options are a revelation Deterioration in the country's politics.

“What will the American voters prefer? Of course there are other candidates, but basically it's the two of them [Trump e Biden]. In the 20th century, there were other moments in the United States when great presidents like Roosevelt were elected four terms. Imagine him, in the sky, looking at the panorama of America. This is the degeneration of American politics. It does not mean that the country will perish, but it is a bad sign for the world”, he says.

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Historian says he was disappointed with Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, and expected her to succeed him in the current election.

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