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Houthis claim UK responsibility for Red Sea attack

Houthis claim UK responsibility for Red Sea attack

Since November, the Ansar Allah group, also known as the Houthis, has been carrying out attacks against merchant ships crossing the strategic global trade choke point in the Red Sea. According to the group, the United Kingdom is responsible for the current attack.

The Houthis say they aim to attack any ship associated with Israel, which has resulted in the closure of a significant portion of global trade routes.

Yemeni military officials announced over the weekend that the attacks would continue. “Yemen will sink more British ships, and any consequences or additional damage will be attributed to the United Kingdom,” Houthi Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein al-Ezzi said in a statement on Sunday.

Al-Ezzi accused the United Kingdom of being a “rogue country” that supports the United States in attacks against Yemen and is involved in joint operations that fund attacks against civilians in Gaza.

He was referring to a joint US and UK airstrike campaign in Yemen that the Pentagon says is aimed at reducing missile and drone capabilities.

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