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Video: Woman arrested for trying to impersonate a teenage daughter

Video: Woman arrested for trying to impersonate a teenage daughter

Casey Garcia, 30, broke into a school in Texas, US, impersonating her 13-year-old daughter. According to the woman, she was going undercover to test the security system at Garcia-Enriquez Middle School to see how far she could go without being arrested.

Garcia recorded his experience and posted the recording on his video platforms and on his social networks. On filming, she explained how the transformation process had begun the day before, choosing makeup and costumes to impersonate a girl nearly half her age.

With the help of a surgical mask, Casey was able to spend almost an entire day at school unnoticed. In the video, she was shown walking around the educational institution’s facilities, listening to lectures and even eating in the cafeteria, proving that she was not even spotted when she took off her mask to eat.

The woman was exposed long afterward and taken to the principal’s office, who did not want to know her intentions or whether she was the mother of a student. Local police were called and Casey was arrested and charged with falsifying records and trespassing.

Despite his arrest, Garcia manages to sound an alarm at the school administration, which has vowed to renew its security measures.

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