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User confirms that PlayStation 4 cannot play offline games without the battery

User confirms that PlayStation 4 cannot play offline games without the battery

Update (12/04/2021) – by GS

A few days ago, a rumor surfaced on the Internet that the PlayStation 4 could stop playing games if the console’s internal clock battery (CMOS) ran out of power.

To demystify the rumors, the console user decided to test it by removing the battery and Confirm that the information was indeed correct.

The user has posted a video reporting what happened in a Twitter thread, explaining what happens when the controller fails to recognize the CMOS system.

If you want evidence of a CMOS issue on PS4, here’s our video. I removed the battery and re-assembled the PS4. As a result, no physical or digital game works without an internet connection without connecting to Sony’s servers. Additionally, some games might have corrupted installation files.

According to a report by a technician who specializes in creating game mods, the console’s internal clock function is to prevent some users from cheating on the game cup system. When the user connects to PSN, the system is able to synchronize the trophies obtained, so without the battery, it is not possible to play offline.

Some users responded to the test series with messages of dissatisfaction with Sony and demanded a solution, as well as being questioned about this system on other consoles in the PlayStation family.

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Looking at the above test, users can assume that if the internal clock battery is depleted and Sony decides to end PSN activities on PlayStation 4, As it happened recently with the closure of PS3, PSP and PS Vita digital storesAnd the The console will become useless.

So far, the only solution to the problem is to replace the battery, but it is a complicated process that requires professional technical assistance.

Original text – 03/25/2021

We recently heard a rumor that Sony should close PS3, PSP and PSVita stores, Which caught the attention of many users who still own these units. Now they are the owners PS4 Which you should worry about, as a developer named Lance McDonald said that the console can stop playing games due to an issue with the internal watch battery.

The problem is that the console does not allow you to play any titles without activating prizes, and for this function to be active, it is necessary for the internal clock to set the correct time. Battery dying after this could be a big problem for console owners, preventing the PS4 from running any game if it loses the integration with PSN.

Lance says it will still be possible to set the internal clock using alternative methods, but these procedures are often complex and dangerous on the console, so most users may encounter more problems when trying to do so.

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If you imagine physical games to be safe, know that even if they require trophies to be played, the console will lose the ability to play them as well.

However, it should be noted that this is an issue that can be rectified by Sony if it releases an update that allows you to play offline without the use of prizes. On the other hand, PSN has to stay online for the PS4 for a long time, as the console is still officially sold in many countries including Brazil.

Finally, it is worth remembering that Sony will remove the Community feature on the PS4, This also indicates that he will now focus more on PS5It is the latest generation launched in 2020.

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