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Venezuela has denounced US plans to militarize an oil-rich region along the border

Venezuela has denounced US plans to militarize an oil-rich region along the border

Venezuela’s foreign minister said Washington was seeking to establish a military base in the disputed region

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247 – Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Yvan Gil has denounced US plans to militarize the oil-rich Essequibo region amid a long-running territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana. According to the minister, Washington is seeking to establish a military base in the contested area, with the aim of expanding its influence in the region and seizing Venezuela’s energy resources. Report From Sputnik.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly, Yuan Gil strongly condemned US plans and highlighted the Venezuelan parliament’s approval of a referendum to protect its sovereign territory from US aggression. Also, Gill accused Washington of meddling in a territorial dispute that has been going on for more than two centuries and of seeking to exploit Venezuelan oil through the US oil and gas company ExxonMobil.

The dispute over the Essequibo region dates back more than 100 years, involving Venezuela and Guyana, a former British colony and now a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. In 1966, both countries signed the Geneva Accords seeking a peaceful solution to the conflict. However, in 2018, Guyana filed a claim with the International Court of Justice to legally recognize the 1899 Paris Court of Arbitration award that awarded the territory to Guyana.

Although the 1966 Geneva Convention was registered with the United Nations and established procedures for settling the dispute, none of the preliminary protocols were ratified by Caracas. Venezuela has supported direct negotiations with Guyana since 1983, while Guyana prefers a settlement through the UN General Assembly, the Security Council or the International Court of Justice.

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This latest condemnation by the Venezuelan government adds a new dimension to the already complex geopolitical situation in the region, with potential implications for South America’s stability and access to critical natural resources.

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The situation in Essequibo is a critical point in international relations, and the world is closely watching developments in this dispute, which involves far-reaching economic and geopolitical interests.