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There are 7,540 Govt-19 cases in the United Kingdom in 24 hours, from February 10/06/2021

US and EU urge Sudanese military not to appoint PM unilaterally – 04/01/2022

Washington, Jan. 4, 2022 (AFP) The United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Norway on Tuesday warned the Sudanese military to avoid appointing a single prime minister following the resignation of civilian leader Abdullah Hamdok on Sunday. , Amidst struggles against the military junta.

In a joint statement, the two countries said they would “not support a prime minister or an appointed government.”

Western powers have said they still believe in the democratic transition that began in 2019 after massive protests, but have issued a thin warning to the military.

“In the absence of progress, we will try to expedite efforts to take into account the actors who are interfering with the democratic process,” the US State Department said in a joint bulletin.

Countries have called for elections to be held on the change calendar for 2023 and for the creation of independent legislative and judicial powers.

“Unilateral actions in appointing the new prime minister and his cabinet are risks that could undermine the credibility of these institutions and plunge the nation into conflict,” they stressed.

“To avoid this, we urge stakeholders to engage in Sudanese-led immediate dialogue and to assist the international community in resolving these and other issues related to change.”

Western powers have reiterated their warning of military repression of street protests.

“The right of the Sudanese people to come together peacefully and express their demands must be protected,” the statement said.

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