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The train was stuck in snow for about 40 hours due to the storm

The train was stuck in snow for about 40 hours due to the storm

Last Monday (3) a train passing through the state of Virginia (USA) got stuck on the tracks due to a winter storm that hit the area. Due to the situation, about 200 passengers and 6 crew had to wait for almost 40 hours.

Those on the Crescent 20, the Amtrak train that departed from Lynchburg, Said they were without food or toilet facilities during the siege. Also it is not predicted when your journey will start.

“We were told there were trees in the path that prevented us from moving forward,” driver Sean Thornton told the New York Post during an extended stop. “No one has eaten for about 20 hours. The lounges are completely full. Yesterday the restaurant’s items were exhausted. Passengers were barred from getting off the train,” he added.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Crescent 20 resumed operations at 4pm yesterday.

The Associated Press reported that passengers were served fast food snacks by Crescent 20 staff yesterday morning as they had run out of food since Monday before the trip began.

In an interview with WSB-TV, Sean Thornton said the train was stuck in an area with poor cell phone service and that one of his employees had instructed him to call Amtrak headquarters for help.

“The team used this opportunity to report and suggested that customers report their experience to management,” he said. “It was so shocking.”

According to the New York Post, the company has not commented on the complaints.

Amtrak and other mass transit routes were affected by delays and service cancellations, which knocked down trees covering the railway tracks due to the storm. The storm left hundreds of drivers stranded in their cars overnight on the highways of Virginia.

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