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US 5G release postponed to January 19 – International

US airlines threaten to sue AT&T telephone operators; And asked Verizon to postpone the release of 5G technology, announcing Monday night (3) that it had reached a policy agreement to shift implementation to January 19th.

Air Department representatives received a last-minute draft agreement with AT&T; Then with Verizon, the installation of the new 5G frequency bands will have to be postponed for another 15 days.

In an interview with AFP, AT&T spokesman; He confirmed that the contract had been signed with the Department of Transport and that “two more weeks have been agreed to activate the service”.

The two operators “agree to release 5G technology on January 5th, i.e. Wednesday, but not January 19th,” said another aviation official.

Sunday (2), Verizon and AT&T; Rejected the request of the authorities to postpone the launch of the 5G network again.

In particular, access to the 5G service scheduled for December 5 has already been postponed and was due to take effect this Wednesday, despite airlines provoking possible interruptions to devices on board.

“No one has signed up yet, but we are currently processing the request for this two-week period,” an airline spokesman said.

Companies were preparing to sue in court for technical changes in the implementation of this deferral and high-speed network.

Changes made to airport facilities during these “two-week intervals” should be reviewed by the United States Federal Aviation Regulatory Authority, FAA (in English) to ensure they comply with all safety requirements.

Frequency bands from 3.7GHz to 3.8GHz AT&T; And Verizon in February, after a billion-dollar offer.

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In light of concerns about possible interference issues with aircraft altitude measuring devices, the FAA has issued new rules restricting the use of these devices in aircraft under certain circumstances.

U.S. airlines have protested the potential cost of implementing the new rules and urged authorities to find a solution as soon as possible.

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