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Urgent surgery |  Kitties online

Urgent surgery | Kitties online

My name is Maria Ana de Oliveira, I was born in São João do Paraiso – MG, I am 72 years old and I want 30 years I live with a disease called epilepsy, which causes seizures Persistent symptoms of epilepsy, and to prevent fainting, I use controlled medications ( Phenobarbital (Garden) (Depakine).

A tumor was recently discovered in the circumferential space of the middle anal rectum, with significant progression covering the entire circumference.

She sought immediate treatment in the state of São Paulo, where she underwent 28 chemotherapy and radiation treatments over a period of 5 months, but the latest reports indicated an urgent need for surgery to completely remove the tumor.

Since the treatment so far has cost me 15 thousand riyals, with travel, accommodation and special examinations, I am retired, but I had to ask for a loan from the bank to start the treatment, and unfortunately I no longer have any means to continue the treatment. Treatments or surgery, which amount to 32,000.00 thousand riyals.

I hope to live a few more years, and that is why I am here appealing to people with good hearts, to help me overcome this challenge, and to be able to continue smiling and bringing joy to those around me.

a report:

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