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Does exercise speed up your metabolism?  See myths and facts

Does exercise speed up your metabolism? See myths and facts

myth. Metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that occur in the body, converting molecules into energy sources. There are some foods that actually have the ability to “accelerate digestion”, such as the so-called Heat generation. But it would be necessary to consume it in large quantities to have any effect in this sense.

Furthermore, some ingredients, such as coffee (which increases the heart rate) or green tea, can also cause this reaction. However, when consumed in excess, it can cause harm due to… Caffeine. The goal of “speeding up” your metabolism is to make your body burn more calories at rest. If this rate is high and you don’t overdo your calorie intake, you will end up losing weight naturally.

2) However, can it still be improved?

TRUE. a Basal metabolic rate It is the minimum amount of energy needed to maintain vital body functions during rest. Simple dietary changes, such as eating healthily and exercising, make a difference in how quickly you burn calories at rest.

In fact, the more muscle you have, the better, because it burns three times more calories than fat, even when a person is at rest.

3) Are there foods that disrupt metabolism?

TRUE. It is important Avoid ultra-processed foodsWhich tends to contain a lot of sugar and fat in its composition, as well as preservatives. Consumption of this type of food, especially those rich in fat, is linked to the development of inflammation in the body, which may lead to weight gain.

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