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Unimed Sergipe: health with safety, quality and economy

Unimed Sergipe: health with safety, quality and economy

Taking care of one’s health is the biggest investment anyone can make. Therefore, contracting with a standardized, high-quality health plan is a guarantee that you will have security when you need it most. And when it comes to security, Unimed Sergipe is a leading company and offers a wide range of services to its clients.

Are you familiar with the “Live Healthy” plan? In this way, starting from R$ 144.11 per month, the user has coverage throughout the city of Aracaju, with quality and economy. To be able to count on both the dispensary and residential housing, the user has at his disposal the facilities of the modern Unimed Hospital, as well as the presence of a diverse certified network. And to ensure the safety of the whole family, we have incremental discounts for two or more lives.

In the “City” plan, for a monthly fee starting from R$ 217.07 per month, you have specialized coverage throughout the state of Sergipe and you have the entire Unimed and certified network at your disposal to carry out procedures, consultations and examinations, to be able to choose accommodation in the dispensary or in an apartment, with Humane Care is a registered trademark of Unimed Sergipe.

And you can’t settle for another plan if you can get “Univida” by Unimed Sergipe. With national coverage, you pay premiums starting at R$335.36 and can travel safely across the country, knowing you can count on Unimed for everything you need. And if your concern is family, we have special plans with incremental discounts for your life or more.

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It is very easy and economical to have at your disposal the health plan of the largest medical cooperative in Brazil. Contact our sales team and see which option is best for you. Call (79) 3205-7705, 98825-1395 (Whatsapp) or via email [email protected].