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Uece: 48 years of valuable heritage from Ceará

Uece: 48 years of valuable heritage from Ceará

March 10, 2023 – 10:56 AM

For students and alumni, Uece changes lives and realities

In 2023, Ceará State University (Uece) completes 48 years of history. Formed from existing higher education units at the time of its foundation in 1975, Uece has found fertile ground to consolidate what years later has become one of the reference institutions in teaching, research, extension and innovation at the regional, national and international levels, which demonstrates the powerful impact we have on the populations of the regions in which we are located. In which.

For our students and alumni, Uece is transforming lives and realities. Through education, many people have formed here as professionals and citizens who are critical and aware of their social role, especially in the search for a more just and equal world. Thus, because we are a community, the accomplishments of each individual are also a joy to all those who make up our foundation.

The strength of this beautiful story is built by many hands. All students, professors, technical administrative staff, and principals have contributed and work daily to make this institution the best we can do for the people of Ceará, and to provide them with the best public service. Those who laid the foundations for new achievements and the value we live in today have crossed the road. Our mission, as an academic community, is to advance this path and make room for more people to reach and survive.

In these 48 years, the Uece has established itself as a public, free and quality university, socially indicated with a strong bias towards social inclusion in its truest sense: with a growing and ever-growing commitment to remaining a place for all and for all, in that diversity here finds a place of welcome and respect.

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Congratulations to Uece and everyone who made it through!

Rectory of Ceará State University