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Cemet chief: Science will guide decisions on shark attacks | Pernambuco

Colonel Robson Roberto, Chairman of the State Commission for Monitoring Incidents with Tubarao (Cemit) – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo
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Asked about these topics after participating in a meeting to discuss measures to prevent attacks on Thursday (9), in Recife, the head of the State Commission for Monitoring Incidents with Tubarao (Simit), Colonel Robson Roberto, said that the flag would be a “beacon” for the decisions made by the colleague.

All this focuses on scientific research work. What science is showing us is a viable pathway, that we can activate to reduce incidents with sharks, that we will definitely do.”

With regard to protective screens, he indicated that there are international experiences with this type of technology.

This issue has been discussed in the past. And that is certainly one of the topics that if it is addressed and shows some operational efficiency, it will be achieved.

Security signals

The chief of Cemet informed that the warning signs about the presence of sharks have been changed in the vicinity of Igrinha de Piedade. On Sunday (5), a 14-year-old teenager was attacked.

According to him, he also requested that signs be posted in the area where the 15-year-old girl was bitten, 500 meters from the site of the first incident.

“We started monitoring our damaged plates, and the Social Defense Secretariat is arranging the purchase of these plates,” he declared.

Colonel Robson Roberto also pointed out that the residents should respect the signs.

“We ask that the rescue police force and guidelines be respected. If a bather is asked to leave the water, it is because the firefighter has the specific technical knowledge to ask him to leave because he puts his own life and the life of the rescuer at risk.”

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