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Topic # 453: Does It Help Break A Vaccine Patent?  |  Topic

Topic # 453: Does It Help Break A Vaccine Patent? | Topic

The ratio speaks for itself: Of the nearly a billion and a half doses already in place of immunizations against Covid-19, only 0.3% ended up in the arms of people living in poor countries. In an effort to address this brutal disparity, a proposal to suspend the patent is taking shape, with unprecedented support from the United States. In this episode of the podcast, Renata Le Prietti interviews economist Monica DePaul, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of the idea, in light of the health emergency. Monica, an immunologist and genetics specialist at Harvard University, never fails to see medium and long-term advantages in breaking patents and transferring intellectual property. But it is clear: “It does not solve the problem now.” What happens next? “The only way is for countries that have overdoses to send to those where there is a shortage.” And she realizes that this has never been done on the scale necessary in this pandemic. But he says the director necessarily involves global collaboration. We have coordination mechanisms, such as the World Health Organization, the Group of Twenty, and the World Trade Organization. You have to put the authorities on the negotiating table. ”

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The podcast O Subject was produced by: Mônica Mariotti, Isabel Seta, Glauco Araújo, Luiz Felipe Silva, Thiago Kaczuroski, and Giovanni Reginato. Ricardo Gallo also collaborated this week. Presentation: Renata Le Pretti.

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