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took off!  Azul makes the first flight of the largest aircraft in its fleet

took off! Azul makes the first flight of the largest aircraft in its fleet

This morning Azul made the inaugural flight of the largest passenger aircraft in its fleet, the Airbus A350. The flight departed from Viracopos Airport, in Campinas, bound for Orlandoin the United States of America.

Today’s date is no coincidence, as on December 15th, Azul celebrates its eight years of operation of the road as well as its fourteenth anniversary.

“This is our largest and newest passenger aircraft and will bring even more comfort to our customers’ flights,” says John Rodgerson, CEO of Azul. “Until next year, our network must grow, and with that, we will have 100% of our international capacity back.”

In total, Azul should fly four Airbus A350s by the end of next year – the second plane arrived in Brazil last week and the next two will arrive in 2023.

From today until the end of the year, the airline will be making one of its daily flights to Orlando with its new aircraft. From January 1, the entire operation of flights between Campinas and Orlando will be carried out using the Airbus A350.

Melhores Destinos Editor Bruno Rocha is on board for the inaugural flight, and soon we’ll have a full review of what it’s like to fly the Azul A350 to Orlando. wait!

More modern and economical

The first A350 from Azul was named “50 is also Azul”. The aircraft can accommodate up to 334 passengers, in the following division: 33 in Business Class, 102 in Economy Xtra, and 199 in Economy Class.

Despite being the largest aircraft in the Azul fleet, the A350 is more economical, consuming 20% ​​less fuel per seat. Passengers also enjoy more comfort on board, thanks to the spacious and quieter cabin.

In addition, the aircraft has more space in the baggage compartments, larger panoramic windows and 16-inch HD entertainment screens in all seats.

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