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James Gunn reveals he's writing the next Superman movie

James Gunn reveals he’s writing the next Superman movie

after minutes Henry Cavill announced that he would in fact never wear a Superman cape again in theaters, James Gunn go to the Twitter Explain the news to the masses. In a series of posts, the director confirmed that plans are for a future DCU (ex-DCEU) will be revealed in the early days of 2023 and it includes the Man of Steel movie. He asked about the possibility of him taking over the leadership of the new principal project of DC Movies He confirmed that he had been working on the script for a while.

Gunn also responded to a fan about the possibility of this happening Ben Affleckwho could command Batman, and directing the production, which also wouldn’t be an origin story. The director has stated that he and the other president of DC Films, Peter SafranHe met the star, and both parties expressed interest in signing a film by the director argo In the future.

Beginning of the End

at the beginning of the month, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Man of Steel 2 will no longer be happening🇧🇷 Also depending on the car, even private sharing Henry Cavill in Sparkle, already registered, will be at risk. The idea of ​​DC’s new creative heads is to reboot the cinematic universe based on the publisher’s comics from scratch.

It would also mean the end of an era Jason Momoa Like Aquaman after the release Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Next year. However, according to THR, the actor may be leaving the role to take on another: that of hero Lobo, who may appear as a central character in the new franchise that Gunn and Safran have planned.

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Recasting, finally, means canceling possible sequences of Black Adameven because The film underperformed at the box office🇧🇷 The future of films that represent other areas of DC cinema, such as Shazam! Gods wrath And the blue beetleis still not clear.

According to the report, it will be the only aspect of the DC Universe that will continue without interference from Gunn and Safran Batman by Matt Reeves. The director continues to develop the sequel to the film released this year, as well as several spin-offs.

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