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Who supports who at BBB 24?  Tata Wernick, Gabriel Medina and 13 celebrities who announced their support for the reality show

Who supports who at BBB 24? Tata Wernick, Gabriel Medina and 13 celebrities who announced their support for the reality show

Gabriel Medina supports Vanessa Lopez and Tata Wernick supports Wanessa Camargo on “BBB 24.”

Photo: Instagram, @gabrielmedina/@tatawerneck / Purepeople

since The participants of “BBB 24” have been announced.Many celebrities spoke out on social media and showed who they support! Just like us, many celebrities already have favourites, either because they created a closeness during the show or because they already had a friendship before the reality show started. Want to know who Tata Wernick , Gabriel Medina , Neymar And other celebrities support “BBB 24”? See 13 celebrities who have already announced their support!

1) Gabriel Medina

As soon as the news broadcast it Vanessa Lopez and Yasmin Brunet will participate in “BBB 24”the expectation of this has been created Who will support Gabriel Medina?. The answer was: Vanessa Lopez ! The surfer commented on the tiktoker's promotional photo and wrote, “Little Nessa” with fire emojis.

2) MC Daniel

If Gabriel Medina on the one hand supports Vanessa Lopez, MC Daniel He is rooting for Jasmine Brunet ! the singer, who was already having an affair with Brunet, He has already come out in defense of the model and made it very clear that he stands by her during the reality show.

3) Tata Wernick

Tata Wernick is also encouraged Wanessa Camargo . On X, formerly Twitter, announced its support. 'It is impossible not to support Wanessa. A very, very wonderful person', he wrote.

4) Barbara Evans

Barbara Evans He also came out publicly in defense of Yasmin Brunet.

5) Bruna Griffau

Bruna Griffau Another celebrity on Team Vanessa Lopez. In an Instagram post, the former BBB wrote, “My fans.”

6) Thiageneo

Thiageneo He is rooting for Rodriginho . 'my heart…

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