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The band drains Team Faustão and fires ten employees before Christmas TV news

The band drains Team Faustão and fires ten employees before Christmas TV news

as part of the measures To adjust program production costs for the next year, The Faustão na Band fired ten professionals on Thursday (15). Various areas were affected, such as the production and the famous ballet accompanying Fausto Silva during the attraction. Further cuts are not ruled out next year.

As he discovered it the news, The climate is one of grief, but one of conformity. Layoffs were rightly expected Through advertising revenue is lower than expected in 2022🇧🇷

In recent months, cuts to Faustão’s structure have been frequent, but they have been made gradually. The reason is that Band cannot close the account. Attraction scene resource, established in December last year, inclusive, The broadcaster is accused of not paying a debt of R$600,000.

Even with the problems and with the crowd nearly 3 points in Greater São Paulo, the Band will keep Faustão on their daily schedule next year. If it becomes weekly, the damage could be greater for Johnny Saad’s company.

Behind the scenes crisis

Faustão na encountered backstage crises shortly after its debut, on 17 January. a Good debut performance with 9.9 points, was not confirmed in the following days, and a lack of advertisers forced the production to make its first cuts. at the end of january, Agreement with Bradesco for the amount of R$89 millionGive a breath of cuteness.

But behind the scenes, he remained nervous. In March, just two months after the premiere, Faustau saw his sister, Leonor Correia, one of the program directors, leave the production. The crisis could have been a reason for leaving the professional. formally, however, Leonor left because the Band invited her to play the group’s Restoration Project Production of plays and documentaries.

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Cost cutting continued in the second half. in August, Faustão stopped paying for a caravan coming from Rio de Janeiro for the recordings And I stopped paying for a steakhouse for the public to eat before work. Fire dancers and producers were also part of the script.

Due to lower-than-expected returns, Band was forced to return with Religious Attractions. Johnny Saad He personally negotiated two hours of RR Soares’ morning bandwhich occupied the Faustau track until last year.

This fact mainly saddened the journalists, since at that time Record was threatened by Bora Brasil, led by Joel Datina, son of José Luiz Datina.

newly, Faustão received a poll from Record for a change of announcers. The idea came from the company’s advertisement and a dinner was held with Antonio Guerrero, Edir Macedo’s Vice President of Television Journalism. However, Fausto refused and stayed in the Band. “There at the Band I have freedom and they pay me right,” the broadcaster EXCLUSIVELY told the news🇧🇷

Band sought about the layoffs, and has not commented.