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TimTheTatman asks Activision to remove his Call of Duty skin

TimTheTatman asks Activision to remove his Call of Duty skin

The pace of events since Activision decided to remove the Nickmercs skin from Call of Duty has been mind-boggling. We have already reported many developments, but now we have one directly related to the game.

TimTheTatman, a popular streamer with millions of followers, as well as Nickmercs and Dr. Disrespectful, he put a message on Twitter from Nickmercs, saying that he is his old friend and directly asking those responsible for Call of Duty to remove his skin from the game, in support of his great friend.

“NICKMERCS has been a friend of mine for years – we had the opportunity to bring CoD operators together.

It seems wrong to me that I have mine and he no longer has it. To support my friend, please remove the timthetatman package


This is a huge development, as TimTheTatman is directly asking Activision to remove their content from the game, a fact that hurts him personally, and he revealed that it’s primarily his friendship with Nickmercs.

to update:

Activision confirmed to Axios Gaming that the skin has been removed, per TimTheTatman’s request, and that this launcher pack is no longer available in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2.0.