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What if Super Mario characters were human?  Artificial intelligence makes fan dreams come true

What if Super Mario characters were human? Artificial intelligence makes fan dreams come true

The development and accessibility of artificial intelligence tools allows interested people to use their creativity to imagine different situations: among them, the characters that marked our childhood.

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With a recent highly successful movie, the Super Mario Bros. characters have the distinction of reaching different generations through their games and animations. In this sense, the user had the idea to turn some characters from the movie into … real people!

Super Mario Bros. characters in real life, according to artificial intelligence

ComicStream user, whose profile focuses on posting art generated by artificial intelligence, shared on Twitter what the movie’s characters would look like in the human version. It was used from MidJourney, one of the most popular AI tools nowadays.



This is what Mario would look like if he were a real human. What would you change about the protagonist?Luigi


Something new in Luigi’s generation: note that he left a tattoo on his neck and his ears pierced. Then the next character on the list was the one that attracted the most attention from those who saw it.



This is what Princess Peach would look like in reality. The AI ​​has taken great care of it and added some necklaces and earrings – its signature. Without a doubt one of the best character portrayals.



Despite not being a humanoid character in the cartoon, the villain Bowser received his version created as well. very scary!

With his dinosaur version, this is what Yoshi would look like in real life – even though they are already extinct.

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So, did you like the results? Is it possible to get an idea of ​​what a potential live action i.e. a Mario Bros movie with real actors would look like?