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This Brazilian city is not worth visiting, according to tourists

This Brazilian city is not worth visiting, according to tourists

Recently, Inc tourism The Ukrainian company has released a list of the most popular places in the world, both in terms of their positive and negative aspects.

One of these destinations is a Brazilian city that, despite its natural beauty, is also known for its drawbacks, according to tourists.

This perception prompted tourists to choose this city as the worst city in the world to visit.

Although the place may boast of stunning landscapes and rich culture, there is a question of lacking it protection It is a constant concern for travelers.

Frequent crimes and a general feeling of unsafety can greatly impact the visitor experience, making it less attractive as a tourist destination.

Although its tourist attractions are tempting, it is important to consider the risks involved when planning a trip to this city.

While the Canadian city of Toronto reached first place in the survey, a famous Brazilian city obtained an inappropriate position in the ranking.

Tourists choose the worst Brazilian city to visit

in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro It's bad news when it comes to tourists' opinions.

The city is on par with some locations in India when it comes to some requirements, such as safety and overall satisfaction of the tourists who visit it.

But, after all, what's wrong with the “Wonderful City”?

Rio de Janeiro gains prominence, but in unfavorable aspects – Image: Reproduction

This score is the result of criteria that go beyond simple tourist attractions, and highlights the importance of cultural interaction and hospitality in shaping the traveler's experience.

Elements taken into consideration include local happiness, respect for the community, ways of dealing with diversity, availability of reservations, ease of communication and tourist return rate.

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The Ukrainian company's analysis indicated that Rio de Janeiro is the worst tourist destination in the world, attributing this position mainly to low scores in two crucial areas: security and accommodation.

This is because the expectations of tourists in these areas have not been satisfactorily met, which has greatly affected the global perception of the city as a tourist destination.

Therefore, the country that has one of 7 wonders of the world He received an unfavorable position in the above-mentioned Ukrainian poll.