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Brazilians have R$7.5 billion forgotten in their bank accounts;  See how to recover

Brazilians have R$7.5 billion forgotten in their bank accounts; See how to recover

Hey Brazilian Central Bank It was recently announced that about R$7.5 billion had been forgotten in bank accounts awaiting rescue. Lack of interest in looting on the part of the population has led to this unusual situation.

However, funds can be withdrawn through a completely virtual process.

According to the disclosure of the amounts available in the SVR system until December 2023, the amount available for recovery amounted to approximately R$ 7.59 billion.

Central Bank of Brazil – Image: Reproduction

Who is entitled to receive the non-refundable balance?

According to himself central bankThe vast majority of forgotten resources belong to more than 39.9 million individuals.

However, there are also 3.1 million businesses with credits available for redemption.

Beneficiaries of the deceased can also verify existence Valuable Their relatives left them in bank accounts.

However, the relationship must be proven to access the information.

How to recover forgotten money?

  • Enter the official website of the Central Bank;
  • Click Review Receivables;
  • Enter your CPF or CNPJ number, document number and date of birth or opening of the company;
  • Confirm the operation.

If the central bank system determines the existence of the values ​​to be recovered, it will be necessary to access Gov.br.

The amounts will be divided according to institutions, and it is necessary to click on the required institution to withdraw funds.

After that, select the desired option to receive funds via the PIX system and wait until the transfer is confirmed.

Which institutions have the most forgotten funds?

Banks have the most forgotten money. There are R$4.4 billion in bank accounts, followed by:

  • Consortium managers for R$2.5 billion;
  • Cooperatives worth R$753 million;
  • Payment institutions in the amount of R$ 116.2 million;
  • Finance in the amount of R$ 108.4 million;
  • Brokers and distributors in the amount of R $ 9.4 million;
  • Other options in the amount of R$ 4.5 million.
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Therefore, it is necessary for individuals to check whether they have forgotten the values ​​in the mentioned institutions so that they can make the withdrawal and give it the proper destination. money.